Hvor er Vestfold?

Enjoy the good life in Borreparken!
View Horten inner harbour - Photo: Jon Klasbu

Hiking and walking - Historical paths

The countryside of Horten provides great opportunities for short hikes and walks.

Karljohansvern - Photo: Svend Aage Madsen

Karljohansvern - old Horten

On the outskirts of Horten you come to Karljohansvern, which is surrounded by the sea.

Photo: Svend Aage Madsen

Åsgårdstrand - The Artist Town

Åsgårdstrand, with its studios, workshops as well as small and large galleries is to be known as the artist town above all. Åsgårdstrand is by many considered the artistic town of Norway, even referred to as the Skagen of Norway. It was here that Edvard Much painted "The ladies on the pier".

Løvøya - Photo: Svend Aage Madsen


There are many fine places to swim along the coast. The following beaches and swimming sites are recommended: Vollen and Møringa at Karljohansvern, Løvøya, Borrestranda, Reverompa, Rørestrand, Batteritangen, Det grønne badehuset and Åsgårdstrand public beach.

There is no shortage of places to swim in Horten, from small quiet swimming spots to substantial beaches popular with surfers and kiters.

Midgard Historical Center - Photo: Svend Aage Madsen

Historical Borre

Borrehaugene isNorway's first National Park and have the largest Viking graveyard ofScandinavia with significant discoveries from ancient times. Legend tells thatin the early mornings, while morning dew still rests over the meadow, you canhear the elves play on "The fiddler's mound" (Spelemannshaugen) onthe vicarage field. Borrehaugene canoffer many magic tales from historic times.

Welcome to Horten

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